Mobile App for one of Indonesia Largest Banks (Bank Mandiri)

App Design
Project Overview
Tasked with transforming the future of Indonesian banking towards being fun and accessible to the new generation of working class professionals while still catering to the generations before them. The client wanted to create a digital experience to allow customers to perform the majority of retail banking transactions through their phone, and making sure it was seamless and delightful. I lead the design of key transactional banking features and managed the multi-squad discussion and creation of new design system components.

This includes:
- Transfer and setting a UX foundation for other digital transactions
- Digital money (e-money)
- Cardless withdrawals
- Deposits
Project Outcomes
$32 billion (USD) per year
Empowered a nation through simple intuitive mobile banking UI, enabling 12 million Indonesians to perform a combined annual transaction volume of $32 billion (or Rp508 trillion)

Bank Mandiri
Improved Brand Image
The release of Livin' by Mandiri was seen as a sign of Bank Mandiri's commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. Innovation included releases brand new features such as Cardless Withdrawal and cutting down the time for one of Mandiri customers biggest pain-points by over 2000% (e-money top-up)
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