Product Strategy and Design for National Education Programs

Strategy & Design
Project Overview
Our founder acted as the Design Manager for the Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) program in Indonesia. He played a pivotal role in creating a comprehensive product ecosystem that facilitated collaboration between students, companies, and lecturers/universities.

For two years his team at GovTech worked at a dynamic pace, building fast, (and in many cases also failing fast) all to achieve the primary goal of providing students with valuable out-of-campus experiences.

Forged in a habit of experimentation, failure and unrelenting drive, the team successfully designed an ecosystem of multiple digital platforms for more than a million university students, thousands of lecturers and hundreds of the top companies in Indonesia.

Our ecosystem includes platforms for:
- University students
- Companies
- Lecturers and Education Professionals
- Mentors
- Program administrators

Key Responsibilities:
Managing a talented design team to create user-friendly, intuitive, and innovative digital platforms.
- Collaborating with government policy and program makers to ensure alignment with the overall objectives of the initiative.
- Developing a cohesive product vision and long-term strategy for the growth and success of the higher education platforms.
- Creating an engaging and consistent digital identity that resonated with the target audience and stakeholders.
- Establishing a scalable design system to ensure consistency across all products and platforms.
Project Outcomes
7 brand new platforms
Successfully designed and implemented multiple platforms that supported the triple helix model, fostering collaboration between academia, industry, and government.
100,000+ students per year
Developed a product ecosystem that facilitated seamless interaction between students, companies, and lecturers/universities, resulting in 100,000+ of out-of-campus experiences for students per year
Brand and design system development
Created a design system for Kampus Merdeka that ensured a consistent and scalable user experience across all platforms, improving overall user satisfaction and engagement.
Strengthened Design-Government Synergy
Established strong relationships with government policy and program makers, leading to better alignment between the platform design and the objectives of the Kampus Merdeka program.
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