Website to Revolutionise Viewer Engagement for @Hoss

Website Design
Project Overview
For YouTuber Kiarash Hoss, we defined the visual identity and design of the Hoss Clips website.

Engaging his audience to create and share video clips from his content. Participants edit highlights from Kian’s YouTube videos, and are invited to post them on social media, then submitting their entries via this website.

Giving the top-performing clips each month a chance to earn a share of 100% of Hoss YouTube ad revenue for that month.

- Our goal was to design a user-friendly website that facilitates this unique competition
- Make it easy for Kian's audience to participate and track their success
- Provided elevated branding with a unique logo and sleek visual language
Project Outcomes
Over 10 million additional views
In December 2023, submissions through the website generated over 10 million additional views for @HossCrypto across social media, highlighting the power of community-driven engagement
Over $4K distributed to community in first month
Over $4K was distributed to over 50 community members who took an active role in sharing content
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